Passion and perseverance may be more important than sheer talent. For those looking to up their game through a deeper understanding of the game of girls lacrosse, look no further. Winner's Edge offers camps, clinics, and indoor leagues to help you leave

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Emphasis on Safety

We are proud to use a Corp of officials for all Winner's Edge Lacrosse events that are some of the most trained and evaluated officiants in the area. There ultimate goal is always to have a safe and fair contest and they have some points of emphasis they would like for me to share with you.

  • Any check to the body is a cardable offense. Any check towards the body is also an illegal check. Checks deemed to be recklass will be carded.
  • Attackers cannot shoot thru a defender just because they think they are in shooting space. This is a cardable offense and if the defender is also in shooting space, it will be an offsetting foul. 
  • If the need for alternate possession arises, the first AP will go to the team listed first on the schedule for that game.
  • Everyone is here to get better and enjoy a great day of lax. Please play with a respect for the spirit of the game, your opponents, coaches, and the officials. 
  • If a goalie takes a shot to the head, the coach will be required to okay the player to continue or remove her to see the trainer. If any player exhibits any concussion symptoms, they are required to be removed form the game until they can be evaluated by a trainer. 
  • All MS Games will be modified checking. All HS games are full-checking.

Rules and Game Procedures

  • Every team gets 3 games and games will consist of one, 30 minute period-there will be no halftime and all games are running clock.  We will play 7 field players plus a goalie.
  • Teams should be prepared for a traditional stick check prior to their first game of the day so plan accordingly. This is the only stick check that will be performed unless a request is made.
  • All standard rules apply for HS games and MS games are modified checking.
  • All games will run off a central horn and teams should be ready to start their game on time. If a team isn't ready to go at game start, the initial draw control will be awarded to their opponent. Officials will whistle a warning to take the field in the final 30 seconds before each half. If both teams are ready to go early, officials will begin the game.
  • All fields will be marked for small-sided play. Each goal will have a goal circle and 8 meter only and will be marked on the field. The half-field line which will serve as the restraining line, will be marked by cones. All players must be approx 10 meters from the draw control until the whistle is blown. Teams must keep 2 players behind the restraining line at all times. 
  • With the exception of the initial draw control of each half, all other goalie saves or goals scored will result in a clear.
  • Substitutions can occur on-the-fly during live ball situations via the area of your sideline.
  • There will be no timeouts or overtime and score is not kept by the tourney administrators.
  • Each team is required to have at least two game balls with them.
  • Any player receiving a yellow card must leave the game for 1 minute, no substitutions. A second yellow will result in said player being ineligible for the remainder of the game only. Team can substitute after 1 minute.

Tourney Day Info

All games will be played at Bethel Park HS located at 309 Church Rd In Bethel Park.  We have 3 game fields for the day played on our two turf practice fields.. You will see the turf complex on your left-hand side past the baseball backstop as you approach the school on your right Fields #1 and # 2 will be on the turf field closest to the parking lots and field #3 will be on the field closest to the woods.  There will be no team check-in requirement but I will be at the fields in plenty of time before the first games if you need anything. We ask that you don't have your families arrive any earlier than 45 mins prior to their first game as we can't get on the fields to complete setup until 7:30am.

The fields have ample parking located right next to them. Team tents can only be setup on the sidewalk outside the fence near fields #1 and #2. There will be concessions run by our Boosters, please show them some love!